Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is probably best known for its leading role in the movie Blood Diamond, where a bunch of Africans go in searching for one of the richest diamonds in the world, the blood diamond.

But there is much more to the Western African nation than just fame from a Hollywood movie.

The country boasts a rich history that saw it go through decades of slavery, torture and war, and come out a country full of beauty and freedom.

It is no surprise the nations capital is Freetown.

One thing that you will notice about the country is its weather and climate. The small country is nestled right around the equator, meaning it boasts some extreme temperatures all year round.

The average high usually loiters around the 30-degree mark all throughout the year, and while it is tropical with plenty of rain, the heat will eventually get to any traveler heading to the area.

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting parts of the nations culture is its status of being one of the biggest diamond producers in the world.

As a result we have seen plenty of wars take place in Sierra Leone for the matter of trying to control the Diamond trade.

Luckily theses arguments seem to have subsided in recent times with unity freedom and justice (the nations motto) finally recognized by Sierra Leone.

With a population of almost seven million, and small areas of habitual land, the country is also very populated, but that only adds to the experience of Africa.

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