Malaysian Airlines Travel Fair 2010

The Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair (MATF’10) is back again this year much to the delight of travel enthusiast around the world.

This year travelers can get up to 75% discounts on airfares and great deals to 49 destinations around the world.

2010 will be the seventh year the MATF is running.

The deal began yesterday and will run until March 7 with travel periods from March 24 to Jan 14 next year.

Customers can purchase one-way tickets to any destination in Asia starting from as low as RM133 to Medan, RM213 to Phuket and RM359 to Hong Kong.

Travelers planning on flying to Australia can fly with only RM639 to Perth one way and RM1,069 to Melbourne on a one way flight.

And if you are keen on heading to Europe, you can do so with a one way ticket to London, Paris or Rome for only RM1,549.

Datuk Bernard Francis, Malaysia Airlines sales senior general manager, said is was a great chance for customers to enjoy cheaper rates for a short time.

“This is a good opportunity for customers to grab value deals for air travel and vacations while enjoying our Malaysian Hospitality at the same time,” he said.

“We encourage those scouting for travel bargains to check out our MATF ’10 offers. The fair has been well received from the public since its inception in 2004. The best deals go very quickly, so don’t wait, book now.”

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