Singapore Tourism Surge Predicted

Singapore has reacted to calls that their tourism will skyrocket in 2010, with the opening of two new major travel resorts.

Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands have both recently opened in the Asian Country to aid its expected influx in tourists over the next year.

Many travel agencies have singled out Singapore as one of the countries across the region to witness a healthy growth in inbound travel.

The new resorts have been tipped to be major draw cards for western travelers in the Asian area, with an abundance of great theme parks, including Universal Studios, and a plethora of great restaurants and breathtaking scenic views.

Singapore had almost 10 million tourists last year, and that figure is expected to rise to almost 15 million.

But according to experts, this will still take some time.

Economist Alvin Liew from the Standard Chartered Bank, reinforced this point.

“We have to be more realistic because the integrated resorts are just starting up. The scheduled opening dates are a bit in the air, so there are still things that need to be ironed out,” he said.

“Certainly the buzz is there, the intangibles are there. The name of Singapore is being resonated in a lot of countries as being one of the destinations to visit.

β€œIn terms of tangible tourist dollars being brought in, it may not pan out in 2010 simply because there are a lot of things to be ironed out.”

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