Nicaragua is a representative democratic republic and the largest country in the Central American Region.

Nestled between Honduras and Coast Rica, the Spanish speaking country lies dead smack in the middle of the American continent.

When you mention the country to most people, they will probably not know what or where you are talking about.

When it comes to Central America, it is the nations like Costa Rica and Guatemala that draw the most publicity, not the likes of Nicaragua.

However, while it does not get much publicity, it makes up for it in pure beauty in certain parts of the nation.

Admittedly, there are many average areas in the country, and a lot of places not worth checking out during your stay.

However, that does not mean Nicaragua is all poor and violent. IN

Places like Managua, the city of Blue Fields and the Escondido River Basin are all worthy of their tiles of being some of the best locations in the Central American region.

There is the city of Granada, which is the oldest city in Central America and the city of Leon, which has the lovely Chiquita river running through it.

The country is home to over 5.5 million people and the majority o these are Roman Catholics. There is however, a large portion of local Protestants as well.
Tourists from all corners of the globe are welcomed to Nicaragua and it is well worth checking out if in the area.

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