Munich is one of the world’s most popular cities to travel to.

The lovely city in the southern area of Germany is home to a plethora of amazing activities, things to see, and stuff o do.

Each year, millions of tourists’ head to the European city for a range of reasons, but by far the most popular attraction is the world famous Oktoberfest, which is a festival dedicated to beer and slated nuts.

While it is actually in September, due to the warmer weather, the event is full of tents, beers and chatter. And the best part about it, is that it works a treat and is one of the best festivals for any young adult to attend.

Being in Germany, the city is a German-speaking place, but that is not to mean there is no English there. Germans are one of the best English speaking nations that does not use it as their first language.

Almost every person would know a few sentences and the language issue is really not a problem.

Apart form Oktoberfest, there is heaps to do.

Fashion is a great part of the city, and as it is very cold in the area, so many great coats, scarfs and warm fashion is available.

There are also many great shopping centres, coffee places and great restaurants serving up some of Germany’s finest cuisine.

If that is still not your flavour then head south for an hour and enjoy some of the worlds best snow. There are plenty of mountains to choose from, with Austria’s Tirol Alps just around the corner.

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