Turkey seems to be the destination attracting all the poms come holiday time.

The European destination has for a long time been well sought out by tourists around the world, but it as only been in recent times where the popularity of the nations has increased largely, and in particular with the British population.

Turkey has always been known for its cheap prices and affordable holiday deals, but there is a whole lot more they have to offer.

In addition to the cheap prices, Turkey offers high levels of service to tourists, making the trip to the coastal country very relaxing and stress free.

Gokhan Yilmazer from the Turkish hotel company Club Alla Turca, said the rate of tourism is only increasing in Turkey, and is a testament to their efforts to boost international travel.

“Every year, tourism increases,” he said.

“This year it increased by 22 per cent and now we are predicting a further increase.”

Next year is also a great year to make the trip over to Eastern Europe, as it is Istanbul’s turn to take the mantle of being the European Capital of Culture in 2010.

The city is set to launch the celebrations with a party on January 16th, followed by a yearlong set of events encompassing the arts industry of the city.

Museums, music and theater, literature, cinema and traditional arts are some of what to expect next month.

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