Hua Hin, Thailand

240 km south of Bangkok is Thailand’s famous beach, Hua Hin. You don’t need to schedule a flight from Bangkok to Hua Hin since it just takes a few hours to get there by express bus or taxi.
A nice sea breeze welcomes you upon your arrival at the place. All year round, the place experiences less rainfall. Although the sun’s heat is not scorching hot, Hua Hin’s weather is at its best during the months of mid May to end of September. The area is also excellent for outdoor sports like golf and volleyball. You can also find interesting shops that sell a variety of trinkets and crafts for memorabilia. Recently, a big mall opened there and you can find various merchandises to suit your wants and needs.
Hua Hin is also a perfect get-away from your stressful and fast-pacing life. There are plenty of massage and spas available for you to relax and revive your senses. Bars and an exhilarating nightlife also await those people who want to unwind and party.
Temples and old buildings balance culture and tradition to the contemporary lifestyle that tourists and some residents of the place have. Wat Hua Hin is situated at the center of the town and is known as the main temple of the place. Other temples that are worth the visit are Wat Bor Fai, Wat Khao Krailas, Wat Petchravud, and Khao Takiab. There you can find examples of Buddha statues and temple architecture that will wow you out.
With regards to the meals, seafood lovers will surely have the time of their lives at Hua Hin. Aside from its cheap price, there is an overflowing of delicious seafood. Thai food is also available and served for a low cost. Certainly, you’ll never get hungry here.
Australian tourists who have gone to Hua Hin, Thailand highly recommend that you visit this place. Aside from the reason that it’s cheap, there are actually a lot of tourist spots and activities for you to tour and engage in. Accommodations are not a problem. There are a lot of cheap and clean places that you or the whole family can stay. Above all, the people in Hua Hin are very warm and friendly. With them, you’ll never feel you’re miles away from home.

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