Best cities in Australia for romance

Although Valentine’s day passed too long ago, it’s not yet too late for you to treat your partner on a romantic get-away. Here in the Land down Under are some of the perfect places where you and your partner can bask in the glory of your love.
• Melbourne- It remains a mystery why Melbourne is considered as one of the romantic cities in the world. The city’s ambiance might have created a powerful force that hypes up the emotions and passions of couples and lovers. Additionally, the city’s many bars, cafes, restaurants, galleries, events and nightlife contribute to an intimate evening for couples or offer a chance to single individuals to get their awaited love life.

• Broken Hill – This popular lover’s town in NSW. Starting from Adelaide, this 7-hour outback journey northeast leads you to a mining town with art galleries, pubs, camel rides and other services and establishments. A great outback adventure is definitely a new and memorable experience for you and your darling.

• Brisbane – There are lots of theme parks, attractions, shows, dining and shopping that you can see here in Brisbane. The Broad beach area is the ideal place for a beach outing. An hour away, you’ll also find Noosa which is an attractive town that has sorts of hotels and resorts, beaches, restaurants and stores that are perfect for a couple’s honeymoon.

• Sydney – This vibrant city the first port of call for most international travelers that arrive in Australia. The perfect blend of wildlife, beach, wine-tasting and awesome city life makes Sydney and its nearby countryside New South Wales an ideal place for a honeymoon. Some of the most popular attractions that can be reached easily by ferry are the aquarium, zoo, Lunar Park, Darling Harbour, and many more. There are also amazing honeymoon packages outside Sydney that you can take like a trip to the Blue Mountains where you can view kangaroos and the Hunter Valleys where some of Australia’s finest wines are produced.

The aforementioned places are parcels that make Australia a top romantic destination for lovers. Whether it’s a tour in the jungle, exploring nature or indulging in the city’s life, the activities are truly endless. Add some spark in your love life and surprise you partner to a trip to the cities in Australia.


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