Well, if Queenstown is the extreme capital city of the world, then Cairns must be the adventure capital.

Situated in the northeastern tropical region of Australia, the coastal city is home to an abundance of activities, and breathtaking sights.

Just to refresh your memory, Cairns is the major city in the Great Barrier Reef area, about a ten-hour trip north from Brisbane.

The climate in Cairns is what will blow you away. While it is hot all year round, the rainfall will surprise you.

The tropical condition ensure that it rains regularly, and after a few weeks there, you will begin to get used to constantly being moist, and damp.

In terms of activities? Well, where do I start?!

There is scuba diving and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, skydiving over the coast, horse riding in the rainforests, rafting in one of the worlds greatest rivers – The Tully, Four Wheel driving in some of the worlds most challenging terrains and bungee jumping of a selection of locations.

That is just the beginning, there are also some great beaches, scintillating bushwalks, springs to swim in, boat cruises, jet skiing, golf courses, paragliding drops and scenic air flights to name a few.

And of course, if none of theses excite you, there is always to option of relaxing in the sun, or just enjoying a nice casual stroll down to the town centre.

Cairns really is a must see place in Australia, especially for those who love an adventure.

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