Philippines: A Must-go Destination

Palawan, Philippines

Pristine white beaches, adventure filled forests, warm smiles of people, festive celebrations, scrumptious and extraordinary dishes, historical places and a diversified culture; these are just a glimpse of the beauty of the Pearl of the orient, Philippines.

Located in South East Asia, Philippines is an archipelago composed of 7,107 islands. Yet despite being separated by bodies of water, it has sustained to be a great nation. The country has a lot to offer especially to tourists. The cost of living in the Philippines is not high and the country’s abundance of natural resources makes it an ideal place to explore and visit. Filipinos are very hospitable in nature and possess a happy disposition in life. The Filipino Culture is very pleasing and with this kind of environment, you wouldn’t wonder why Filipinos are globally competitive.

Each island has something great to offer. That is why the country is overflowing with many tourists destinations, you’d find it hard where to go and experience first. Among the famous destinations are the Surfing Waves in Siargao, the famous white beaches of Boracay, the rapids for white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro, the rice terraces of Banaue which is also coined as the stairway to heaven and considered as one of the seven wonders of the world, perfectly shapes Chocolate Hills in Bohol, the tropics of Cebu, the natural beauty and abundant wildlife of Palawan and the country’s heart and soul- Manila.

Ultimately, it is a country you won’t regret seeing and experiencing. Plan out your vacation now and have the time of your life in the Philippine islands!

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