Queenstown adventure

The Kiwis are an interesting bunch. The country is to Oz what Canada is to the US – the quiet neighbor with a funny accent. But beneath the laid-back, laconic New Zealand exterior there must be a huge red pepper of raging lust for life. After all, this is the country that brought us bungy jumping.


Visitors to New Zealand, no matter where they are, will have a wide variety of grey hair inducing, slightly suicidal activities to choose from and nowhere is this more true than Queenstown, NZ’s capital of crazy.


Bungy jumping is one of those things everyone should try at least once. However, like many of those things (skinny dipping, body shots, running for office in Queensland on a platform of thinly-veiled racism) you’ll often end up fiding out that you don’t want to do it just once.


Fortunately, Queenstown is the home of not one, but three different bungie sites. There the Kawaru Bridge, the world’s first commercial Bungie site, measuring in at a modest 42 meters. While it may not seem that extreme compared to the dizzying heights of the other two sites, its more than high enough when you’re standing on the edge. As an added bonus you can elect to be dipped in the river so no one will notice that you’ve wet yourself.


Then there’s the Ledge, located at the Skyline complex, 400 meters above Queenstown. This sites distinctive feature is its unique harness and runway that gives you more than 10 options as to how you jump with names like The Matrix and Flying Squirrel.


Finally, for those who believe that nothing succeeds like excess, there’s the Nevis Bungy. Just getting to the jump site is enough to get your pulse racing as you sit in a gondola suspended over 134 meters of empty air. The drop from Nevis is a heart-stopping 8.4 seconds of free fall – plenty of time for a good chunk of your life to flash before your eyes.

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