Santiago De Chile: 6 must do activities

Santiago de Chile is the number one city that tourists should visit in 2011, according to The New York Times. But, what can the capital of Chile offer you if you decide to get there? Flanked by the Andes mountain range and with an increasing number of urban and cultural events, Santiago can easily be described as a vibrant and diverse metropolis that you must know while you are in South America.

Ranging from sky lodges and wide parks to bohemian neighbourhoods and cultural venues, the city is a true delight when it comes of cuisine, art, commerce and nightlife, and here are its top 6 landmarks:

  • Bellavista neighbourhood. If you are looking a fun night in the city, a tasty food or even a theatre show, this is the venue for you. Situated between Recoleta and Providencia districts, Bellavista neighbourhood is filled with stylish bars, restaurants and a growing number of events for those who enjoy nightlife to the fullest.
  • Quinta Normal Park. An oasis in the middle of the city is what you will find in this 40-hectare park where you can spend a whole day bursting with activities: an artificial lake, bicycle paths, various museums, cultural centres and green areas are some of the highlights of Quinta Normal. To get there you only need to take the subway and stop in the station of the same name.
  • La Moneda Palace. The President of the Chile’s offices, among other authorities, are located within this building that can be visited through guided tours, along with its cultural centre which possess multiple exhibitions, workshops and interactive shows for children and grown-ups.

  • Ski lodges. The Andes provides the perfect setting for gorgeous ski resorts, such as Valle Nevado, La Parva, Farellones and El Colorado, only 50 kilometres away from the centre of Santiago and with the best skiable paths you can find in South America. This is definitely a must-see landmark, especially between June and October, the coldest months in Chile.
  • Santa Lucía Hill. First established as a military base during Chile’s conquest in the sixteenth century, Santa Lucia Hill not only has one of the most impressive and privileged views of Santiago, but also offers a wide range of outdoor activities while you see diverse monuments of famous and historical Chilean heroes along the way.
  • Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral. Formerly known as Diego Portales building, after a fire in 2006 this space was renewed, renamed after Gabriela Mistral –the Chilean Nobel Prize of Literature— and transformed into a cultural centre with 20,000 square metres of year-round pictorial collections, and musical and theatrical performances.
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