South America is one of the world most beautiful continents, boasting a plethora of amazing holiday destinations.

Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile generally dominate the headlines as the main tourist locations in the continent, but one which is just as good is the tiny country of Bolivia.

One of the only landlocked nations in the South American region, Bolivia is home to some great exotic landscape.

With the Andes on one side, and the Amazon on the other, Bolivia is right in the middle of some of the worlds most pure and spectacular native fauna.

Situated fairly high up from sea level, and with some overwhelming mountains, the tiny nation can be very cold at times, with snow fall not unheard of.

In terms of the governance of the land, Bolivia is a democratic nation, and home to almost nine million people.

The official language, like the majority of South America, is Spanish and there are up to 32 other native languages spoken throughout the country.

By far one of the most interesting tourist locations in Bolivia is the St Pedro prison in La Paz.

The jail is famous world wide for its interesting micro-economy inside, whereby restaurants, café’s, supermarkets and clothing stores all exist, and are run by inmates.

In addition, families from outside can choose to live inside the prison walls with their loved ones if they choose to.

Bolivia is a super impressive place, and not enough words can be used to describe it in one post.

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