Brazil is one of the most exotic and fun filled countries in the world.

The land of samba and football is a great place for any lover of traveling and will be sure to provide you with months of sightseeing, and years of memories.

Brail boosts an amazing landscape that offers everything from breathtaking beaches, to unique wildlife, to jaw dropping constructions.

While Brazil does have a plethora of gorgeous places to visit and things to do, there are also some lesser-publicized norms in the country.

While it is classed as a third world country, Brazil is home to a great amount of poverty and corruption.

Places in their largest city Sao Paulo have been known as danger spots due their gang mentality and territorial attitudes.

One place in particular that should be avoided by all tourists is the Cicada De Deus in Rio de Janeiro.

The place is translated to City of God, and is a town where corruption, drugs, guns and murders run rampant in.

If you do manage to steer clear of all danger and unwanted areas in you time in Brazil then you should be sure to enjoy your holiday.

The country has so much to see and do that you will be lost at where to start.
Some great places to see are the Salvador beaches, the Igacu Falls and of course the Amazon River.

If it’s buildings and constructions you like, then look no further than the Christ the Redeemer statue, which is the biggest statue of Jesus in the world.

With a population of nearly 200 million people, you are sure to find some fun partying in the party nation also.

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