Top 5 Attractions in Kashmir , India

Kashmir is called heaven on earth by many people who have visited the place before. Kashmir is a state in India located on the northernmost point of the country. It is bordered by the Himalayan mountain range. Most of the places in Kashmir are scenic and picturesque. Because of the controversies surrounding the state, not many tourists prefer to go to Kashmir, but if you dare, chalk in these places to absorb what the state can offer you!

  1. Gulmarg:  Gulmarg is a beautiful hill station in Kashmir located in the district of Baramulla. It means Path of Roses, literally. Most of the people in this town are tourists and tourism is the main industry in Gulmarg. The tourism reaches peak in winter, that is December and beyond till March or so. It is the heart of winter sports in India. Skiing is a largely loved pastime for tourists here. Besides these activities, Gulmarg is a paradise for photographers. The picturesque sceneries from the mountain top are worth capturing. There is a cable car on the mountain top too.
  2. Dal lake:  Dal Lake is one of the largest lakes in Jammu and Kashmir in the capital (summer) of the state, Srinagar. The coast of the lake is around 15 Kms. You can see beautiful Mogul Gardens on the shore of the lake. The Shalimar Baug and the Nishat Baug are the two Mogul gardens on the sore of Dal Lake. Tourists are offered rides on the local boats called shikaras. They can take a peaceful round of the lake admiring the beauty of Kashmir.
  3. Leh Palace:  Leh palace is located in Leh, a town in Ladakh, Kashmir. This Palace stands tall on the rocky hill and resembles the Potala Palace, Tibet. This palace thus, indicates Buddhist influence in Kashmir. The Palace is in ruins and is currently restored by the archeological survey of India. But, the beauty of the palace also lies in admiring the exterior and the other buildings around it.
  4. Pangong Tso: Pangong Tso means Pangong Lake. This is a beautiful blue water lake located in the scenic region of Ladakh. The lake is surrounded by mountains on all the sides. This means it has no source of origin; neither the water can go meet some other water body. Previously, it did have a river connecting to it, but that source got closed due to some geological changes. It is considered of be one of the highest lakes in India. Some part of the lake is in Tibet and thus, it is a territory under dispute. But, as a tourist, you will be amazed to see the clear water and pristine blue water of the lake. It is a must see for all the tourists visiting Ladakh.
  5. Amarnath Temple:  This temple is one of the most famous Hindu pilgrimage centers in India. It is located at a height in a cave. The cave is famously known as Amarnath Caves. People walk to the caves from Pahalgam which is roughly about 90 kilometers. There is a huge ice Shiv Lingam inside the caves which is very unique and devotees believe it too be very auspicious. What is more intriguing is that the Lingam never melts, not even in the summers.
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