Balloon rides over Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the few cities in the world that caters balloon rides for its tourists. A balloon ride can be a creative way for you and a loved one to celebrate a special event. The ride is also a perfect gift to any occasion. But above all that, the balloon ride is a great way to explore the city of Melbourne with a bird’s eye view.
Most balloon ride companies offer a flight package that schedules the hot air balloon to fly in the early dawn. But in general, the balloon flight in Melbourne depends on the city’s weather. When you schedule your ride, the tour operator gives you several choices. Either they pick you up at your hotel accommodation early in the morning or you avail of the complementary hotel transfers to the launch site. You can also opt for a champagne breakfast on the air or land.
On the day of your air adventure, you can participate with the operators in preparing the hot air balloon. But if you don’t feel like helping, you can just stand back and capture photos of the preparation phase. After everything’s set, it’s now time to rocket up in the sky. The route is determined by the direction of the winds. While the city awakens in the morning light, you and your co-passengers are there up in the sky, hovering over Melbourne’s gardens, parks and the Yarra River. Throughout a one hour flight, you can look down and see some of the city’s famous places like Melbourne Park, Albert Park Racetrack and the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Your balloon may also fly over Melbourne’s CBD or head to the inner suburbs, gardens and parks. Here you’ll realize why Victoria is known as the Garden State. While your eyes feast to the beautiful sceneries, some hot air balloon operators provide facts and stories about balloon flying.
Final landing and it’s over. But the memories of a great balloon experience will live on. You can now head back to your hotel and take a good rest for another adventure in the land of Melbourne!

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