Tourist Ban for Indian Islands

The Indian government has placed a ban on tourism in two of its islands over fears of locals catching diseases.

A buffer zone has been implemented around the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in an attempt to increase safety for the threatened Jarawa tribe.

An expensive beach resort has also been closed in an attempt to save the tribe from being driven into extinction.

It is reported there are only 350 surviving members of the tribe still alive and are highly vulnerable to Western diseases and infections.

The government is determined to save the Jarawas after another of the islands’ tribes was wiped out last month when its last surviving member died.

Senior campaigner for Survival International, Sophie Grigg, said she was supportive of the protective measures, but felt they may not be enough to ensure the tribes survival.

“The Jarawa are pretty isolated, the majority stay in the forest, hunting and gathering,” Grigg said.

“Each time they make contact with tourists they risk contracting diseases they have no resistance to, especially so from tourists from long-haul flights.”

The new buffer zones mean tourist resorts won’t be allowed to operate within a three-mile zone around their settlements on Middle and South Andaman Islands.

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