What Qantas’s new Dallas route means for your US travel

On 16 May Qantas starts flying its new route to Dallas. So what does this mean for your US travel?

A direct link to America’s South. Did you watch too much Dallas in the 80’s and can’t wait to check Texas out for yourself? Qantas’s direct link puts you in the heart of warm southern hospitality to discover a glamorous urban metropolis with a thriving nightlife. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, with immense landscapes to get out and explore.

Better airline connections. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DWF) is much better than Qantas’s previous hub, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), for ongoing connections to other parts of the US. It offers a wider range of connections and more options in terms of frequency.

A more pleasant experience that LAX. If you have been to LAX you’ll agree that finding a way to avoid it worth it. DFW is still a major airport but not as busy and badly designed as LAX. However, Qantas does not have a lounge at DFW so you can weigh that up in your benefit analysis of giving LAX a skip.

A really long flight. Flying from Australia to the US is always going to be an endurance event. This route adds a few more hours in one tin can; you need to consider if you can handle it.

You can’t fly on the A380. If the A380 is your preferred choice for comfort you might have to wait a while before you can experience it on this route – only 747-400s will be flying for now. However, given the engine scares last year this may not bother you.

If Texas is where you want to be this route is perfect for you. For other travel it will come down to weighing up for yourself the time savings possibilities and comfort aspects of Qantas’s Dallas route. Whichever way you look at it, having a new choice is a welcome change.

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