8 Great Travel Apps for your iPhone

iPhone Apps for Travel


Travelling to an unfamiliar place can be equally fun and dangerous and sometimes it can be difficult to trust just anyone for directions or instructions. Nevertheless, you can always rely on technology to help you find your way around a new place and there is no more hyped technology today than the  iPhone!

With no shortage of travel and translation applications that you can download from the app store, we have put together a quick list  of some of the top travel apps for your iPhone:

  1. Air Sharing- Feed your curious mind with this knowledgeable software program. You can use it to access information about anything that you want to find out. It’s like an encyclopedia just that it provides information via wikepedia pages, photos and PDF. With this app installed on your iPhone, you’re an instant genius on the go!
  2. TripIt- This free application is a frequent jet-setter’s best friend. It helps you organize your travel itineraries by syncing your emails straight into your iPhone. It also has a social feature that allows you to stalk on friends, giving you details about when and where they are travelling and if your trips overlap. It also gives information through text if your flight has been delayed.
  3. Accuweather- This weather app usually gives an accurate report of weather updates that will surely come in handy when you plan for your trip outdoors. It provides 15-day local forecasts, 15 hours of hourly forecasts, forecast videos and stores up to 15 locations.
  4. Skype- International roaming charges from your phone carrier can be BIG and can break your bank account when you need to communicate with family, friends and colleagues while travelling. Locate a WiFi hotspot and call or chat with them through Skype instead. You can make cheap international calls and stay connected to the people who matter most.
  5. Waze- This social driving and navigation app gives you almost surreal traffic updates, police information and construction hazards. It also has a voice prompt that gives you thorough navigation instructions. Recent updates were done to increase user participation with the integration of Foursquare and facebook and a contribution scoreboard. Compared to your GPS, it is more energy efficient as it automatically turns off after 10 minutes of idle time.
  6. GoogleMaps- Going somewhere or lost in a city? googleMaps gives you step-by-step driving directions with live traffic conditions and allows to plan multiple stops in your trip.
  7. OpenTable- This app allows you to book restaurant reservations to more than more than 15,000 OpenTable-enabled restaurants in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, members of this app can earn Dining Rewards Points redeemable for Dining Cheques at any OpenTable restaurant. It can also provide you with a list of restaurants that are customised to fit your schedule and venue needs.
  8. ZAGAT to go- be entertained with music, podcasts, television shows and audio books while travelling. You can avail the podcast feature anywhere in the airport, restaurant, hotel, airplane, etc.



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