General Travel Tips

Traveling is an exciting time for everyone, where people are usually about to embark on a journey away form home, with fun and adventure running through their veins.

It is also a time where memory and logic can evade you.

I know I might sound like a broken record by writing this, but there are many things people must remember when they are traveling.

Here is a look at some travel tips often overlooked by people:

–    Always remember your passport
–    Try to do as much research on the place you are traveling to
–    Learn a few lines of the local language and find out about their culture.
–    Exchange local currency before you arrive
–    Find out the capital city of the place you are traveling to.
–    Always carry a list of emergency contact numbers
–    Prepare a mobile phone which works in the country
–    Turn on international Roaming
–    Remember to notify people the place you are staying at in case anything goes wrong.
–    Always carry your ID on you
–    Do not trust anyone before finding your bearings
–    Remain calm when arriving, do not panic by the possible overwhelming culture
–    Remember to have you immunization shots well before you leave
–    Prepare for the flight, deck of cards, notepad iPod etc.
–    Always be polite to officials and staff at airports
–    Read up on countries judicial system, every nation varies in terms of what is legal and what is illegal

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