Holiday Rental Tips

Holidays are expensive. If they weren’t, nobody’d work. One of the main reasons for their priciness is the cost of accommodation. You can easily spend as much for one week in a hotel or resort as you would for one month in your own house. Adding to the strain on your wallet is the fact that resorts are designed like pitcher plants – attractive to look at and apparently filled with nectary goodness, but once you get in you’ll have a hell of a time getting out. That means you pay resort prices for resort foods and, after paying resort prices for resort cocktails you’re all the more likely to indulge in a bit of room service.


Of course, you could always go the time-honoured route of hostels. Of course, in many major cities a private room in a hostel is barely cheaper than a hotel. Dorms are an option but a single room smelling of the socks of the multitudes isn’t conducive to relaxation. Fortunately, you can take a third option and rent your own cottage or apartment.


With a cottage or apartment rental you get the privacy and comfort of a hotel room without the enticing added extras that can send the bill spiraling to Virgin Galactic heights. Cook your own food, bring your own grog, supply your own entertainment, all in surroundings that have a personal touch often lacking in mass market resorts.


A quick google search to the effect of holiday rentals (destination) can often yield some pleasant surprises.  Two Mile Bay Cottage in Port Campbell on the Great Ocean Road is one of them. Built by a local artist out of the pylons of the old pier, this quaint, two-bedroom home sleeps up to six and provides a fantastic ocean view. At 200 dollars per night, it’s a very economical option if you’ve got a group.

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