Why Didn’t I Think of That? 5 Travel Packing Tips

Laundry is for suckers

Pack a heavy duty plastic sack in your suitcas along with some brown packing paper and tape, then mail your dirty washing home the day before your holiday is over. You’ll arrive home before it does, and it makes your luggage so much lighter to carry, leaving you extra room for souvenirs.


The web we weave

Try the ‘Interweaving Method’ of packing on your next trip. Drape longer garments (trousers and dresses) across the suitcase, with the ends hanging over the sides. Then, fold smaller items like jumpers and singlets around the longer garments. The clothes will cushion each other, and by placing a piece of tissue paper in between each layer of clothing, it will prevent wrinkling.


Divide and conquer

This trick works for any size of suitcase. First, put your luggage over a large piece of cardboard, trace the outline then cut it out so you have a divider that fits your suitcase. First pack shoes, toiletries, hard items – anything except clothing, then put the divider on top of these items and pack your clothes on top of it. This way you can lift the divider and clothing neatly away to pack or unpack more things, and you can present your belongings for airport inspection without hassle.


Get stuffed

Shoes are a pain to pack because of their bulk and weight. But the hollows of your shoes are an underused packing space. Try filling them with rolled socks or sandwich bags containing small and easily lost items. Combine with the above for Ikea-level space maximization


Don’t bring the whole thing
If you’re traveling with a guide book, consider either cutting out the pages you need or making a photocopy so you don’t have to lug around the entire thing when you only need one chapter.

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