Australias Great Train Journeys

With a country as flat as Australia, why not travel it the best way possible, along the flat terrain.

Train travel has been a growing trend in recent years and many tourists have actually fallen in love with the idea of setting up in a moving form of transport that allows you to enjoy the spectacular sights form ground level.

One company that offers great train services is Australia’s Great Train Journeys, which specialize in tours around Australia.

One of the most popular routes is from Sydney to Perth, stopping over in Adelaide.
As is the case with ships, trains also get a name and in this instance it is the Indian Pacific that makes the journey possible.

The Indian Pacific takes you from one great ocean to another on one of the world’s longest and greatest train journeys.

Most of your cruising will be across the vast continent of Australia, from the spectacular Blue Mountains to the treeless plains of The Nullarbor desert, where the train travels the world’s longest straight stretch of railway track (478 kilometers).

As a passenger you will get to see unique landscapes unfold and spot a fascinating array of wildlife from the comfort of the lounge or your cabin. 

You will get up close and see the sights of some of our most famous outback communes and see the fascinating landscape that is so often talked about around the world.

The train ride has scheduled stops at Broken Hill, Adelaide and gold-rich town of Kalgoorlie.

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